Indoor/outdoor geo-location system

Monitoring of personnel and equipment by area



The NEUROTRACK system can be used in a wide range of environments (industrial, health center, residential) to locate personnel or equipments equipped with small communicating badges in defined size areas. This real-time localization (parameterizable periodicity) is made available to the user through a powerful and user-friendly supervision software.

This system uses the full capability of the radio frequency mesh network mastered by BEENETIC System.




 The system can be used in the following applications (examples) :

  • Follow-up of patients in a center of care (cardiology, Alzheimer,...)
  • Follow-up of equipment in a health center (medical bed, syringe pump,...)
  • Pallet tracking in industrial environment (flow)
  • Follow-up of personnel on risk sector (chemical, nuclear, bacteriological, explosives,...)
  • Input/output management of equipment and personnel
  • Supervision of exhibition badges
Location schema




Wall mounted Blue case

 IP65 plastic housing

  • Electronic board (Microcontroller ARM7 / 128KBRAM / 128KFLASH, RF, memory, converter, charger)
  • 2.4GHz RF communication (80m range free field)
  • Software upgrade via USB connection
  • Rechargeable Battery (USB, Area)
  • Buzzer for sound messages (alerts)
  • Powered by mains or low voltage (5V, 12V)
  • Wireless router
  • Can integrate measurement systems (T, HR, CO, CO2, ...)
  • Automatic sleep/ wake-up system
  • Remote interrogation (measurement, battery level)
  • Autonomous alert reporting (theft, incident, diagnosis)
  • Set of commands for remote configuration and setting
  • Covers an area defined in advance and adjustable remotely

 IP55 small plastic housing (configurable)

  • Electronic board (Microcontroller ARM7 / 128KBRAM / 128KFLASH, RF, memory, charger
  • 2.4GHz RF communication (80m range free field)
  • USB output (direct connection to PC)
  • Buzzer for sound messages (zone output, alerts)
  • Powered by USB rechargeable battery or battery
  • Autonomy depend on administrator-defined usage
  • "End point" radiofrequency? Can integrate measurement systems (T, HR, CO, CO2,....)
  • Automatic sleep/ wake-up system
  • Set of commands for remote configuration and configuration
  • Allows to carry out measurements
  • Attached to equipment/worn by person



 1. Locate a moving object in real time with respect to fixed areas

  • The areas covered are defined by the user according to the desired location accuracy. These are radiofrequency (RF)
  • These RF zones are created by fixed beacons whose positions are known by the supervisor software
  • The position of the tags and their number are determined by the user need

2. Mobile objects are RF badges

  • There are physically linked to people (patients, nursing taff, people subject to industrial risk situations, etc.) or to the equipment (medical beds, pallets, parcels, etc.) that one wishes to follow
  • It is possible to make measurements on the person or object tracked (T, HR, V, O2, P, digital buses,...)
  • The badges are powered by a battery whose autonomy depends on the use cases (from a few hours to several years)

3. Location (and other) information is available on a supervisor

  • A graphical interface makes it possible to follow in real time the displacements
  • It is possible to store the data and trace the paths
  • Data can be accessed locally (PC + client software) or on a server (website and dynamic page generation)
  • The location is available indoor and outdoor



The set of location data is processed by a multiplatform application developed by BEENETIC Systems, which can be implemented on PC, or ARM11 (Linux/java). For each tag of badge, the measurement histories are stored in the local database to allow complete traceability of the movements.

This application allows, in just a few minutes, to position the tags on a map of the supervised site and to fill in the badges (type, name,...)

Fixed (beacons) and mobile (badges) elements automatically appear on the interface once it is visible by the radiofrequency network :

  • In the case of a beacon, it must be placed by hand on the map by the administrator at its actual location
  • In the case of a badge, it positions itself on the card

In operation, all events (change of location, badge assignment, etc.) are recorded in real time on a database, which makes it possible in particular to trace the last movements of a badge or to retrieve a movement history.






 Radio protocol

 IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee/WirelessHART) at 2.4GHz

(International RF band)

 Radio power  +3dBm / 1mW maximum
 Tension measurement  Range :0 - 3.6volts. - accuracy : 2%. - resolution : 12 bits 
 Battery charging

 150mAH LiON battery - fast charging speed (3 hours)

 500 charge cycles at least

      Out of measure / standby circuit breaker  Current < 20uA - Programmable synchronous alarm
      Active  Current ~35mA - full operation
 Buzzer  3KHz - 85db/cm - software controlled
 Microcontroller  ARM7 low power core - 128KB RAM - 100KB FLASH
 Temperature range

 -25°C/+70°C during operation - -40°C/+85°C not supplied

 -13°F/158°F during operation - -40°F/185°F not supplied

 Minimum reporting time  5 seconds
      Power supply 220v

 Self-powered by AC 220v or USB

Automatic battery backup LiON

Length ~110mm - width ~110mm - height ~60mm

MicroUSB connector

      Wall light box

 Low voltage power supply +5v or USB

Automatic battery backup LiON

Length ~110mm - width ~110mm - height ~40mm

      Portable case

 Low voltage power supply +5v or USB

Automatic LiON battery charge via USB

Length ~75mm - width ~43mm - height ~18mm




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