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Individual and wireless monitoring products of each photovoltaic (PV) panel in real time

Designed for PV parks of all sizes, BEEHELIOS is an innovative supervision kit thanks to he individual measurement of the PV panels and the wireless transmission of information on the PV plant.

BEEHELIOS provides a simple and effective solution for supervision of each panel to minimize the impacts reated ti the problems :

  • Lack of visibilityof performance
  • Maintenance costs
  • Reliability of connectors and cables
  • Anti-theft surveillance system
  • Safety of the installation (maintenance, fire-fighting intervention, etc.)

A smart wireless network with many benefits

With the technology implemented by BEEHELIOS :

  • Optimize the performance of the solar park
  • Quickly and automatically identify a defective panel (repair, replacement or cleaning)
  • Reduce your solar park maintenance costs
  • Ease and speed of installation (on an existing or non-existing flee)
  • Secure your fleet by automatically detecting the presence of your PV panels
  • Secure your park (safety) by turning off the PV (BEE-M only)

A range of products for installers, equipment manufacturers and users

  • BEE-M (BEE-Module) : electronic board integrated in the junction box of each PV (manufacturers)
  • BEE-S (BEE-String) : measurement/transmission box connected to each string (installer)
  • BEE-X : portable tablet for the management of all systems ("Energy Gateway")



RF communicating objects

Sensor / actuator networks

Embedded intelligence


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Technoparc IV


1 impasse Marcel Chalard


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