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BEENETIC develops an automated boat detection system on their site in a marina.

This sytem is the fruit of a double experience :

  • An experience of navigators, on many seas of the globe and the practice of ports and their constraints
  • An experience in wireless measurement and data transmission systems

The BEENAUTIC systems allows the harbor master to initially, and to the user in a second time, to know in real time the state of occupancy of a port place.

working diagram

The system consist of :

  • Of an electronic interface box allowing communication with a port management software located in the harbor office
  • Of electronic boxes distributed in the port, enabling wireless radiofrequency transmission of the information to each probe of the device (routers)
  • Of electronic probes near harbor places for detecting the arrival, presence, and departure of a vessel, by combining sensors with acoustic or electromagnetic waves
  • And electronic boxes embedded on the boats (badges)

location map

The harbor master can thus communicate in real time with the electronic modules located near the harbor seatings to interrogate them about the presence and the identifier of a boat, and to read certain physical characteristics.

Symmetrically, electronic probes located close to the squares and those on ships can report to the Harbor Master's Office and autonomously the arrival and departure of a boat or issue an alarm signal.


We use two detection technologies :

  • Detection from the pontoon using an acoustic detector
  • Detection using an on-board RF module on the boat (which can only be optional and at the request of its user

The communicating sensors deployed form a local radio network which allows to carry many additional services on the site of the marina.

We can cite :

  • Parking access management
  • Communication with weather stations
  • Sanitary or pontoon access management
  • Parking space availability management (see other projects BEENETIC Systems)
  • Lighting management (on/off, consumption, measurement,...)
  • Location of equipment and vehicles on the port
  • Point alarms "man-a-the-sea"
  • Monitoring of various constraints
  • Guidance of boats, users...

 Diagram of the composition of the system beenautic

This system led to the filing of a patent with the INPI.

Rates : contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Availability : on-site deployment for customer testing from October 2012

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