Founded by two experienced engineers (who hold the entire capital), BEENETIC Systems is dedicated to creating innovative products and solutions.

To this end, it has important assets : 

  • The mastery of technologies (hardware and software) allowing to quickly envisage the creation of innovative products (radiofrequency, meshed networks, embedded OS, sensors)
  • The implementation of skills (techniques, projects, international, communication) perfectly adapted to the challenges posed by the industrial developments envisaged
  • The availability of a laboratory which, from the start of the company, has acquired considerable resources for a start-up (spectrum analyzer , oscilloscope and digital multimeters, multiple development kit) thanks to the major contribution of the company Freescale Semiconductors, from which come the creators
  • Knowledge of a very broad network of skills and consulting, formed during more than 15 years of collaboration within major industrial groups
  • Mastery of international projects and developments

 We are looking for investors to :

  • Participate in our developments
  • Create a solution (a company, a 
  • Invest in creation and industrialization

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RF communicating objects

Sensor / actuator networks

Embedded intelligence


Technoparc IV

1 Impasse Marcel Chalard

31100 Toulouse - France


+33 (0)6 87 52 59 65



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+33 (0) 6 87 52 59 65

Technoparc IV


1 impasse Marcel Chalard


31100 Toulouse - France