The product development process follows a project methodology.

Once the specifications have been established, it becomes possible to start the development phases of the product. The deliverables are known and the project is then defined by BEENETIC Systems. The BEENETIC systems engineers are all trained (and PMP certified) in the PMI (Program Management Institute) project management methods and the development project will be carried out on the following multiple axes:

  • Integration of the project in the client organization and BEENETIC Systems. Establishment of appropriate structures and organizations for the successful implementation of the project
  • Definition of a content to the project in accordance with the specifications and the list of deliverables
  • Definition and follow-up of a production schedule with intermediate deliverables. We give a form of agility in the management of our projects (without strictly following the corresponding methodology).
  • Establishment and monitoring of costs in consultation with the client
  • Implementation at all levels of an optimum level of quality
  • Assignment of human resources (skills, availability) most suited to the project.
  • Management of industrial partners in development
  • Monitoring and adapting the contractual aspects with the client taking into account the state of development.
  • Implemented a process of communication with the client, for efficient reporting and rapid decision-making.

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Technoparc IV


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