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We have chosen to integrate some of the solutions we propose around the IEEE® 802.15.4 standard, the most complete and well-known evolution of wich is the ZigBee protocol.

We are specialists in this technology, whose protocol, tools and protocols we are able to create, which are adapted to the needs of our customer's products.

This technology has the following main characteristics and interests :

  • This is a technology that is cheaper in terms of manufacturing, long-distance energy consumption and simplicity of communication protocol
  • The nominal reach of 30 meters, goes up to 3000 meters for the most powerful devices
  • Its great advantage is to be able to operate without telecast : each object has its own intelligence and the objectscan communicate with each other and transmit their intelligence
  • The main features that make Zigbee an advantage in designing applications for short-range data transfers :
    • Radio : Uses the popular IEEE® 802.15.4 radio protocol
    • Consumption : It is extremely reduced, allowing years of operation with a single battery (dependance with the application)
    • 2.4 GHz band : Provides simple global operation, as long as this band is international
    • Interference : Solid performance demonstrated in noisy radio environments
    • Solid network networking : Facilitates network organization and maintenance, significant coverage and proven reliability
    • Security : Takes advantage of all the benefits of 128-bit security (Alliance Zigbee)
    • Certification : Independant and independant certification of Zigbee products, offering true interoperability between systems
    • Open standard : Solid environment with prices often challenging any competition

For additional information on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, it is useful to go to the following websites :

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Technoparc IV


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