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The Internet of Things, from Idea to Production


Already creators of several solutions and products, we participate in the invention of intelligent objetcs


Giving life to the idea within a project / product, and how to respond to a problem and / or create new needs


A laboratory, skills, experience for the rapid realization of prototypes, and validation of the concept


Etablishment of the specifications for the development phase and production (hardware, software, tools,...)


Electronics, RF Communication, Embedded Software and Applications, Cloud / smoke, Applications, Project Management


Pre-production Production and Supply, Serial Test Development, Production Line Support, Product Management


The three "technological" pillars of BEENETIC Systems

BEENETIC Systems ensures the production follow-up of your IOT products

The different contributions and steps are as follows:

  • Manufacture of mass-produced electronic boards
  • Download software
  • Industrial testing
  • Manufacture case (s)
  • Case Integration
  • Final test
  • Canned and shipped to distributor / customer.

BEENETIC Systems works with several companies specialized in their field (electronics, plastics, shipping) and knows how to offer its customers the best solutions (cost, speed, quality, proximity, quantity, ...) to ensure the complete production of IOT products.

We design companion and effective objects that help build a world of progress and harmony, where human kind, finally freed from ungrateful tasks, flourishes in creativity and invention.



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+33 (0) 6 87 52 59 65

Technoparc IV


1 impasse Marcel Chalard


31100 Toulouse - France